Web Design & Development

Web Design of Corporate Sites

We design the original site with basis on the corporate image of your company focussed on the marketing strategy of your business and in accordance with the intended functionalities with multilanguage version, no page limits, adapted for smartphones and tablets with response technology, disposing a very easy useful backoffice to manage the site contents, statistics, information requests, integration with social networks and apps, amongst other functionalities. The site can be hosted in our servers to guarantee bigger efficiency, security, speedy traffic and cost reductions. We give free training and unlimited assistance 24h.

Online Stores design for your business

We design the original online store with basis on the corporate image of your company and focussed on the marketing strategy of your business. Adapted for smartphones, tablets with the intended functionalitie, with no page limits, and multilingual unlimited products , campaign management, promotions and discount coupons, with the possibility of payments by bank transfer, cash dispenser reference, credit card, PAYPAL, EASYPAY, MULTICAIXA , ePAY and MBNET. It has a very easy useful backoffice to manage the institutional pages, the products with photos, videos and attachments, with or without control stock, various prices in accordance with the client’s profile, management of dispatch costs, detailed statistics for product families, management of packages and of users by profile, the possibility of integrating with the social networks and apps, integrating with your company’s maintenance software , integrating automatically the online store in your Facebook page, integrating with CRM , BPM ,Business Intelligence , amongst other innovative functionalities to maximise your business. We give free training and unlimited assistance.


From the management software of your business, we can automatically integrate various modules for your site. Organized by products families, with or without stock control, prices per client’s profile, Clients File, Current Accounts, Orders History and budget request. Documents PDF, type invoice, debit / credit notes and others.
The possibility to automatically integrate online orders and site registered clients as well as the possibility to integrate with your APP STORE (ANDROID/iOS) and Facebook Store.

Online Store synchronised with your FACEBOOK page.

Automatic product placement, campaigns and promotions of the site on your Facebook page. Always maintain the updated promotional and product catalogue in real time on your Facebook page. Increase the disclosure in an exhibit manner in the biggest social network, thus creating more “likes, shares, and comments“. With this solution you increase your sales, reduce resources, costs and time managing the social network, and increases the visibility of your company on the the social network, specially the visibility and ranking position in the GOOGLE search engine. Contact us to know more.

Realty Site integrated

We design your realty site with the online property catalogue automatically synchronised with the company’s realty maintenance software. You can also have the realty catalogue automatically on your Facebook page and Instagram, and still your realty APP for smartphones and tablets in Android and IOS systems. Don’t loose more time with the manual maintenance of the realty site. We have the ideal solution to save resources, time and money with the realty management integrated on the site, Facebook and APP.

Complete Solutions for TOURISM - growing more and more in Portugal!

We develop SITES and APPs with BOOKING SYSTEMS and all digital marketing solutions for incoming / outgoing travel agencies, hotels, inns, guest-houses, hostels, rural-tourism, rent-a-car boat rides, golf and other sectors linked to tourism. We integrate engines on “booking centrals“ for the maintenance of allotments (occupations) with “free-sale on request“, tours and transfers management,fares, aviation, cruising, rent-a-car. We integrate with the biggest engines, such as the Booking, e-GDS, Optigest, Optitour, Guestcentric, Galileu, Booking Fácil, Abreuonline, Availapro, Wintouch and others. We have the online channel to access partners, clients for product inquiry, availability simulation and prices with the “reserve booking “ system. We have dynamic packages that arranges products with flexible departure dates in which alternatives are presented with basis on availability of a personal contract or the online inquiry to suppliers. Get to know our solutions to Guestbook and Reviews (comments) integrated with the social networks, inquiry satisfaction, games and pastimes. We integrate automatically bookings and travel packages on your Facebook page. We promote and make known tourism at a national and international level with updated web marketing communication solutions .

Development of Intranet/Extranet and specific WEB applications

We do counselling and organised analysis of your company to emphasise the best technologic solution to improve the business methods, thus reducing costs, resources and execution of time.
We develop specified solutions for your business such as desktop application based on client/server architecture, intranet and extranet web plataform integrated with ERP, CRM systems.
We can also integrate Share Point or Lotus Notes solutions with your intranet or extranet plataform.

APPs development for ANDROID, iOS and Windows Phone
Creating Mobile Solutions for Tablets and Smartphones

With the rapid and prosperous growing of the digital mobile market ,we implement mobile solutions bespoke to your business, like the online store in APP, with products synchronised with the site and your ERP and CRM software, with the possibility of accomplishment details of, offline purchases and sales, digital catalogues and specified applications of your business. We develop for Android, iOS and Wondows Phone systems.
Get to know some of our APPs which are already in the market.

  Explore here some implemented projects